The TrueWay Fellowship Churches, Inc, is an apostolic correlation of Christian churches, ministries, Para-ministries, pastors and ministers; which recognize the need for networking. It also recognizes the accountability, fellowship, trust, integrity and is a outlet for resource facilitation. Our mission is to become a catalyst and a resource agent for the unity and support of churches, ministries and Para-ministries that desire to fulfill destiny. Our key concern is that every member be provided with the necessary tools to mature the individual call and the vision of god as understood by each member, through the unification and the networking of our collective member resources. This Fellowship can assist all of the churches, in fulfilling their respective roles in the body of Christ.

Although it serves as a spiritual covering for its members, the Fellowship is not a denomination. It does not govern any of its member ministries. Each ministry operates personally, privately, and independently of the Fellowship. The members’ ministry has no required reporting accountability, in their personal church affairs or the procedure of operation to this Fellowship. However, members of the Body of Christ should live the life, representative of Christ and above approach. Therefore, we are there for strengthening and to make sure full integrity is to the utmost. Our goal is to bring churches of different sizes (non-mega/medium to small sized churches) together for fellowship; not to rape, rob or pillage the church or saints of God. To be loyal committed and have no excuses.

Purpose and Vision Statement

To promote independence while maintaining accountability. As we find a connection through the sharing of ideas, we find it necessary to enter into partnership because as partners we are on the same team, but we maintain our own distinct identity and individuality in Christ. The TrueWay Fellowship Churches, Inc. does not seek to be an instrument of ecclesiastical restraint in the sense of diminishing the member church ministry’s individual calling.

Our aim is to promote independence and fellowship while maintaining accountability. Fellowship is important. The purpose for that is unity with uniformity. We find that there is a great strength in the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences throughout the body of Christ. It is through fellowship that we take full advantage of the collective wisdom, knowledge and judgement that comes from God. We promote companionship and mutual sharing of interest, ideas and information. Our aim is unity with accountability.


Meaning – Accountability with the jurisdiction. Establishing and maintaining strong relations is vital to the success of the Fellowship. As we make every effort to strengthen one another, we certainly recognize the importance of knowing one another respecting one another and to esteem each member highly. The TrueWay Fellowship Churches, Inc. offers a system of accountability which adheres to Biblical principles and insists upon the highest level of integrity and responsibility.


To release information that edifies and informs members while dispensing with unnecessary taxing. The sharing of vital information and words of encouragement causes participants to feel connected and to have mutual understanding. Regular, constant and consistent communication by the written Word wass practiced in the early church.

The Apostle Paul gave this charge to the church at Thessalonica “I charge you by the lord to have this letter read to all the brethren” (which means churches). The Fellowship will communicate with member churches and ministries on a monthly basis via video, newsletters, tapes, etc.

The Fellowship means communication and participating members to al give counsel and give insight as well as oversight. As men and women of God work to uphold and advance the Kingdom of God, they will face onslaught of forces of darkness on a daily basis. We must take advantage of the spiritual insight and Godly counsel we possess collectively in order to withstand the constant barrage. TrueWay Fellowhsip Churches, Inc. intends to help meet the needs of its member churches, their members and Para-ministries; while allowing them to maintain full autonomy.


Prayer is the interlocking device God is using to bind every aspect of the fellowship. Prayer is of utmost importance, for it is only by prayer that God will set the Fellowship of Independent and Global Churches & Ministries, Inc. and all who are connected apart from all others and thrust it into its full destiny. For Jeremiah 29:11 says, “I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me and I will hearken unto you.” Prayer will open all lines of communication, by keeping us accountable and fostering good relationships with one another. Prayer is the foundation of any facet of ministry. It will be the cohesiveness that will keep the body of Christ accountable and promote integrity. Most of all, it will keep us in the face of God.

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